Dental Implants

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What are implants?

Dental implants, give us the opportunity to regain tooth or full mouths, lost due to different causes. So we will regain the aesthetics and function where the only option was to use removable dentures or fixed bridges.

With modern techniques, it is not necessary to even have surgery, so we put implants in a simple way, without pain and almost without bleeding. In some cases you can even place the tooth on the same day.

This type of Treatment, must be performed by certified specialists and with enough experience. In our case we have placed more than 3000 successful implants by the same specialist and we work with the best and most recognized implant companies in Mexico and the world. That is why we can give you a written guarantee of what we do.

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Endodontic is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the treatment of the nerve of the tooth or dental pulp.


Prosthodontics is the specialty that helps us to improve the aesthetics of teeth and recover lost teeth, along with the function of the whole mouth.


Periodontics is a specialty that is responsible for maintaining the gums and bone healthy. When gum’s infected these bacteria eat the bone around the tooth until the teeth begin to move and fall out.


Orthodontics helps us to place teeth in a proper position, so that the mouth of our patients, have an excellent aesthetics and function, preventing problems later in long term.

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